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Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects: The Kitchen

Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects: The Kitchen

You frown at the sight of your outdated cabinets, you stare longingly at interior design posts on Pinterest, you wish and want for a home make-over, but you always seem to talk yourself out of it, reasoning:

“I just don’t have the time.”

Most of us can relate. But there are plenty of projects you can complete on your own that aren’t huge time or even financial commitments. 

Let’s start with some DIY projects to improve the heart of the home – your kitchen – that you can easily hammer out in a weekend.

Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects Kitchen Fridge ImageReplace an Appliance or Two 

One way to drastically change the look of your kitchen is to replace old appliances. A shiny, stainless steel stove taking the place of an old porcelain white one instantly brings more modernity to the space. A new appliance can certainly cost a pretty penny, but investing in newer, more energy-efficient appliances are money-savers in the long-run. You can install major appliances on your own by following online instructions, but often professional installation is best.

If you’d rather not buy entirely new appliances, and you’re totally ready to get down and DIY, though, consider “refacing” an appliance. Whether it’s a fresh coat of paint, replacing just a few parts, or covering panels, you can continue to make the most of your still-working appliances, while giving them a little facelift. 

Mix in Some New Fixtures

These are easy projects, but they can make a big difference in your kitchen design. Installing an interesting lighting fixture can (literally) bring new light to the space. This is no hassle when you replace your existing one because the hook-ups are already there – simply turn off the power, and connect the wires. 

You can apply the same idea to install a new faucet. If you choose a stylish new faucet with the same configurations as your current one, it will fit nicely, and installing it on your own will be no problem. 

Finally, it’s super easy to change your cabinet and drawer handles. These fixtures are often overlooked, but changing them up can make a striking visual statement for a low cost. You might be able to line up the standard holes making installation a breeze, but if not, filling in holes with wood putty and repainting the area doesn’t take much more time. For more fun with this project, play around with your choice of metals. Instead of matching your cabinet hardware to your polished nickel faucet, choose complementary oil-rubbed bronze handles, for example. 

Update Your Cabinets

In just five steps, you can strip and stain your wood cabinets to give your kitchen a crisp new look. It doesn’t take much time because you really don’t have to re-stain the insides of your cabinets, or even the backs of the doors (unless you want to). 

If your cabinets are made of other materials, or you aren’t interested in re-staining, consider painting the insides of your cabinet for a personalized look. That’s right, paint only inside your cabinets – it’s inexpensive, creates a unique style, and you’ll smile each time you open those doors. 

Install a Backsplash

Nothing can add elegance to your kitchen quite like a nice backsplash. Installing a tile backsplash is another five-step project and you’ll be surprised how quickly it can go. The adhesive dries rather quickly, actually, so you’ll need to be on your toes throughout the process. 

Looking for something a little more creative than tile? It only takes a few steps to create a vinyl photo backsplash. Yes, you can turn your favourite photo into the focal point of your kitchen. After having it printed on vinyl to fit the dimensions of your backsplash wall, all you need to do is apply it with paste and smooth it out. The result is a backsplash that’s durable, custom, and sure to impress!

Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects Kitchen Hanging Pots ImageCreate More Storage

With all the dishes, utensils, and miscellaneous gadgets collected over the years, the kitchen is one area in the home that can start to lack in the storage department. With a little effort and some DIY creativity, you can make better use of the space you have without needing to expand into your dining area.

Are bulky pots and pans shoved into a shallow drawer becoming a problem? Build a hanging pot rack – it’s practical, but it also gives off high-class dining vibes. This looks especially elegant hanging above a kitchen island if you have one. 

Sometimes, we only really need more room for things when we’re entertaining guests. You can turn a bookshelf into a bar cart quite effortlessly. The best part? It’s movable, meaning you can store it elsewhere when it’s not in use. 

Some weekends are dedicated to relaxing, but on those weekends you feel inspired to play with your home design, don’t hesitate to grab your tool belt and get started! With a variety of projects you can complete all on your own, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a brand new, chic kitchen come breakfast time on Monday. 

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