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Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects: Kid Bedrooms

Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects: Kid Bedrooms

Maybe your kid’s bedroom has gotten out of control with messes. Maybe the overflow of toys has you ready to give up and just put a “caution” sign on the door. Maybe it’s simply a bit too plain for your little bundle of creativity and energy. Whatever the case, the conclusion is clear:

It needs remodelling!

If you can set aside a weekend, you can easily transform an uninspired bedroom into a place where your kid’s imagination can soar!

Think about what interests your kids, then see how these DIY projects can help you design rooms to suit their unique personalities. 

Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects: Kid Bedrooms Artist ImageFor the future artist…

One of the easiest and best setups for a child that loves to create is to take a paint easel to the next level. Instead, secure a large studio roll of paper to the wall for an almost endless flow of drawing space. To keep supplies nearby and easily-accessed, this DIY project for a triangular wall caddy does the job and looks great doing it. The triangles can be painted to complement the colour scheme of the room. 

Finally, you’ll want somewhere to display all the works of art your little Picasso produces, and this DIY art gallery is the perfect way to do so. You create what looks like a giant picture frame and fasten strings across it where you can attach clothespins to hang masterpieces. You can even let your child paint the background before securing it to the wall for that extra creative touch!

For the future world traveller…Weekend DIY Home Improvement Projects: Kid Bedrooms Map Image

You can already see the wanderlust in their eyes, and you know your kiddo is destined to be a globetrotter. Before they purchase their first plane ticket, give them a room where their sense of wonder will not be lost. First, you’ll need a place to store all the maps, atlases, and geography books piling up, and turning a suitcase into a bookshelf can do the trick and fit the theme! 

Another perfect fit for this theme are these fantastic DIY globe lights. Cutting an old globe in half and inserting light bulbs through the tops creates a geographic pendent chandelier. Complete the look with this DIY canopy bed, where explorers can curl up and map out their next great adventure.  

For the future athlete… 

Do you have a little monkey on your hands? It’ll be beneficial for restless kids (and for you) to have a room in which they can expel some of that energy. Bring the playground to the bedroom by hanging a DIY indoor swing from the ceiling! Be sure the swing hardware screws go into studs in the ceiling for safety.

For another fun contraption that also helps kids develop strength and skills, this DIY tutorial shows you how to build your own indoor rock climbing wall! Again, be sure to follow the instructions carefully for safety measures. And for a more practical project that still ties into the theme, turn skateboards into shelves, where sports trophies and other prized possessions can be proudly displayed. 

And storage for all!

No matter what your kids are into, you’ll likely agree that they seem to collect and keep a lot of stuff. Store all those toys by transforming drawers into roll-out storage you can slide under beds to save space. Have an old, unused desk? Turn a desk into a bench without losing all the storage space and you’ll have a place where kids can store books and games, as well as sit to read or play. 

Have an abundance of Lego? This DIY tutorial shows you how to make the ideal Lego organizing unit for your mini builder. What about an overload of stuffed animals? Contain the zoo with this DIY stuffed animal swing which doubles as a cute décor item. 

Your tiny inventors, bookworms, daredevils, and daydreamers need a space of their own to learn, play, and grow. Get them involved and try out some of these projects, most of which serve dual purposes. Talk about putting the fun in functional bedrooms!

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