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6 Ways Open Shelves are a Great Design Choice

6 Ways Open Shelves are a Great Design Choice

We understand that home decor is a very personal choice, dependant on your tastes, style, likes and dislikes, etc. And while open shelving may not be for everyone, there are some definite benefits – practical and otherwise.

1. Supersize Your Space Options

While you might look at your cabinets as a great storage solution, how many times have you had to grab a stepstool to reach the stuff at the back, on the top shelf? With open shelving, you can maximize the use of the space, and it looks put-together because everyone can see it.

2. Open and Inviting

It can also make your room feel more inviting. With everything out in plain sight, your guests don’t feel nosy looking for a mug to join you for a cup of tea.

Added to that is the fact that your room just feels more open. Less chance of a kitchen cabinet blocking a window so you get more natural light, no bulky-looking cabinetry to clutter up clean lines, bonus all the way around!

Ways Open Shelves Great Design Choice Kitchen Image3. Quick and Easy Clean-Up

When you have cabinets, it’s very easy to forget to wipe down the tops of them. Remember moving out and having to do that? Ew… But when you have open shelving, you’re using those dishes on a regular basis. Dirt and dust aren’t given a chance to settle. Things just don’t sit long enough to do so.

4. Optimal Organization

Picture this: you’ve just had all the family over for a big dinner. Since you cooked, others volunteer for dish duty – yay! But the next day, you open the cupboard and can’t find the bowls. The plates are where the glasses usually go. Sound familiar?

With open shelves, anyone can clearly see what goes where. This makes it easy for anyone – including the kids – to help with clean up.

5. Show It Off

Many people love the patterns of dishware they’ve picked out, that’s why they have it! Open shelving means you get to show it off! That beautiful serving bowl you got from your grandmother? Now everyone else can enjoy it too.

6. Keep Your Cash

It’s no secret that kitchen renovations are not cheap. But here’s the thing. Open shelving is really friendly to the budget and it doesn’t take near as much time. So if you want to update the look in your home and have a strict budget, this is the perfect solution!

We love the open shelving look, but we know it isn’t for everyone. So if it’s something you’ve been thinking about, try it out first. Take the doors off your cabinets and live with it for at least a month. Then make your decision. We hope you’ll love them as much as we do.


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