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Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Bailey

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Bailey

Name: Bailey
Age: 6 months
Breed: Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire terrier)

Bailey’s Story

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Bailey 4 Months ImageWoof! My name is Bailey and my mom, Lenka, is the graphic designer of Edmonton Living Magazine. She brought me home when I was 8 weeks old. I got used to my new home very quickly. I have a really soft bed and an even softer mattress in my kennel, but I prefer to sleep with my mom and dad when they let me. I also have two older (human) teenage brothers that play with me. If they don’t play with me, I like to nip at their ankles to get their attention. Sometimes, when they leave their bedroom doors open, I sneak in and run away with their socks! I don’t think they mind too much because why else would they leave their socks laying around?

Guess what else I can do?! I can dance on my hind legs for a really long time! And sometimes I get treats for it! My favourite is dried meat! But when mom had her garden in the summer, she would give me fresh peas and strawberries and even those little tomatoes. I liked playing with those. I would throw them up in the air and watch them roll around. It was a lot of fun and they were very tasty! 

Even though I’m full of energy, I’ve learned how to sit and stay. And I usually get a treat if I stay for a long time. I also know how to run up the stairs! But, I don’t know how to get back down again. Mom has to pick me up to take me down, but I like it because I get to lick her face!

A couple months ago, when dad was brushing me, I discovered that I have a tail and that I can chase it! I’m pretty good with it on the carpet, but I end up falling over on the hardwood. It’s just too slippery. 

I don’t like to bark a lot and I think my mom and dad like that. I just want to make them happy and I think I have because they treat me nice and never leave me alone too long.

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff about me. Time for a nap!

About The Author

Lenka V.

Publishing, graphic design, business and real estate round out my professional career and my two teenage boys keep me on my toes at home.

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