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Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Niko

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Niko

Name: Niko
Age: 11 years (yep, I’m a senior!)
Breed: Blue Heeler mix (also known as an Australian Cattle Dog)
Favourite treats: cheese, apples, and bananas (but mom doesn’t let me have as much as I want)

Niko’s Story

Hi! As you can see, my name is Niko and my mom is Sereena, the editor-in-chief at Edmonton Living Magazine. They brought me home when I was just a puppy – my doggy mom was a rescue from Second Chance Animal Rescue Society. Imagine their surprise to find out she was pregnant!

So, I was born in March, and in May of 2006 I was brought to my new home – I was in love! Little did I know I was going to be a big sister – mom was pregnant with the first child of her and dad. And just a few months later, I got a little sister. I love her so much, and even now she still lets me give her kisses all the time!

I also have a little brother and he’s so much fun! He throws my toys for me all the time, and he loves to play tug with me too <- that’s my favourite game, tug-of war. If you really want to make me happy though, scratch my belly! I’m a huge cuddle-bug, so any kind of love you want to give, I’ll take happily!

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Niko Friends ImageI love other animals too, although the young pups have a little too much energy. I’m getting too old for that but I still try to play. My two cousins – Quiggly and Porscha – are good to me because they know when I’m all tuckered out. But squirrels… they keep getting into my yard and I have to chase them out. I wish they would just stay away!

If I’m not chasing squirrels and my siblings have gone to sleep, I love napping in my cozy bed. But sometimes I have to share it with my toys. Which is okay, I just prefer to have my bed all to myself. Otherwise, I’ll snuggle into the new area rug mom and dad got just for me.

I’m pretty lucky… I might be a lot more grey than I was as an energy-ridden puppy, and I might not be able to play for as long as I used to, but I’ve got it pretty good. Dad plays with me, mom snuggles with me (she’ll even get down on the floor with me, I’m not a furniture dog) or takes me to the dog park (my favourite place to visit), my sister and brother take me out for walks or sneak me treats under the table. I’ve still got a few good years left and I’m going to make the most of them.

Oh, sounds like someone is home, gotta go!

About The Author

Sereena S.

Mom of two, wife to one, and a dog lover, although cats can be okay too. Sometimes.

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