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Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Nikita

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Nikita

Name: Nikita

Age: 8 years young 

Breed: Mini Australian Shepherd

Bark, bark, bark, bark, bark! (repeat x a million)Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Nikita Toy ImageTranslation:

My name is Nikita (aka Kita, Keets and Keeter). Do I know you? Do you have treats? You do? Alright, maybe you can be my friend (don’t get too excited, I said maybe!).
Naturally, you’re wondering why a gorgeous girl such as myself is being standoffish instead of soaking up your attention. The truth is, being incredibly good-looking is just plain exhausting. In fact, I find new social situations quite stressful – generally, it’s because my stunning features draw people in and then they try to pet me (ugh).
Because I simply cannot keep up with all the attention lavished on me by the adoring public, I prefer the company of a select few (I’m a delicate flower, people). Two such lucky individuals are my mom and dad. My mom, Amanda, is a contributing writer for Edmonton Living Magazine.  She often calls me a diva (pfffft) but never ceases to compliment me on how smart and charming I really am.
While mom is suitable company and gives me my much-deserved attention, it’s dad that I have wrapped around my little dew claw. One of our favourite things to do together is go for drives – but only if I get to sit on his lap. I also enjoy sticking my head out the window so I can feel my silky hair billowing in the breeze. This is especially the case in the Tim Hortons drive-thru, where I like to bark non-stop and eat timbits.

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Nikita Puppy Image

Because Australian Shepherds like me are herding dogs, I thoroughly enjoy chasing my cat brother Merlyn all over the house (it helps me maintain my most excellent physique). And, on top of being really, really good-looking, I am incredibly intelligent. In fact, I’m so smart that I make a point to act standoffish so that visitors will give me treats (suckers).
In short, I am a highly sensitive girl with discerning tastes. While I am slow to let others in my small social circle, I am extremely affectionate, loyal and protective. And, even though I enjoy playing hard to get, once you win me over, I’ll be your darling dear for life.
Perhaps you and I can be friends but I’ll have to think about it. In the meantime, please give me another treat and kindly get out of my personal bubble.

Thank you,


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