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Our Tips to Use Up Those Thanksgiving Leftovers!

Our Tips to Use Up Those Thanksgiving Leftovers!

We all enjoy our Thanksgiving meals, but it often seems like there’s so much food left over sometimes and not enough ways to do something with it. A lot of people will be hungry for something else a few days later, and others will worry about whether everything will still taste as good heated up multiple times. Fortunately, we have several great ideas you can use for your leftovers.

Grilled Turkey Sandwich with Brie, Arugula and Apple Butter

Turkey sandwiches are a staple of Thanksgiving leftovers, but it is likely you haven’t tried a sandwich quite like this one! Use rye bread for the best flavour, spread the apple butter on the bread, and load with turkey, brie, and arugula before grilling to perfection. 

Eggs in Purgatory

Despite the funny name, this breakfast or brunch treat is a very serious meal option. Make up some potato pancakes from your leftover mashed potatoes, poach some eggs, and use marinara sauce with Parmesan cheese to liven up this fun recipe even further. 

Fried Stuffing Bites and Cranberry Sauce Pesto

If you’re not sure what to do with all the stuffing you’ve made or are looking for a fun finger food, this recipe will fit the bill. Frying the stuffing in breading to make tasty bites and preparing a pesto sauce with tangy hints of cranberry is a sure crowd-pleaser. 

Our Tips to Use Up Those Thanksgiving Leftovers! Frittata imageFrittata with Extra Veggies

Frittata is always a fun breakfast suggestion right after Thanksgiving, and a good use for leftover vegetables. All you need are eggs, cheddar cheese, the leftover veggies and bread cubes, and you’re in business.

Vegetable Samosas

If you’re looking for something different with a spicy kick, why not give vegetable samosas a try? This Indian dish is a perfect way to use leftover veggies and cranberry sauce, with yummy infusions of curry, ginger, and turmeric.

Stuffing-Filled Mushrooms

Stuffed mushrooms are always a great treat, and you won’t go wrong filling them with stuffing left over from Thanksgiving. Use portobello mushrooms for the best flavour and be sure to sprinkle the tops with Parmesan cheese.

Sweet Potato Shepherd’s Pie

This new twist on shepherd’s pie adds great flavouring to this popular leftover creation. Consider adding applesauce sundaes for dessert!

Turkey and Vegetable Soup

When all else fails, turkey makes a nice, lean meat ingredient for soup. Some shreds of turkey, combined with small elbow macaroni, green beans, and diced carrots will make a light meal option after Thanksgiving. 

With these recipe choices, you won’t be out of great options for using up Thanksgiving leftovers. You never know, you might find that these recipes are ones you’ll want to try after other holidays as well.

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