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Get A Luxury Look in Your Home Without the Luxury Price

Get A Luxury Look in Your Home Without the Luxury Price

When it comes to real estate, the “luxe look” is high in demand from buyers and sellers alike. But what if you don’t have gobs of disposable income to use on extravagant remodeling projects? Here are just a few ways to get top-tier style without a top-tier price.

Install a Fancy Backsplash

good backsplash is one of those things that can completely transform the look and feel of your kitchen. For less than the cost of a high-end blender, you can insert a stylish backsplash behind your sink that will serve both a fashionable and functional purpose. If you enjoy sleek, contemporary designs, go for chrome; if you’d prefer something a little more natural, consider limestone or sandstone.

Turn Your Flaws Into Features

If you have an old, battered bulkhead hanging over your den, buff the wood until it shines and turn it into the centrepiece of a rustic-themed room. If you can’t afford a lot of furniture in your new home, make careful symmetrical arrangements of lamps and tables to bring to mind a minimalist look. Turn your home’s weaknesses into strengths and you’ll never be disappointed with it.

Get A Luxury Look in Your Home Without the Luxury Price Flowers ImageDevelop a Green Thumb

“Ikebana” is the art of Japanese flower arranging. It focuses on control, precision and aesthetic value, and it’s a wonderful way to add elegance to your living areas. For example, white flowers in a vase will contrast nicely against a black tablecloth. A few cherry blossom branches coming into bloom in your entryway will make all of your guests smell sakura as they enter your home.

Bring In Marble Features

Marble is a timeless natural stone that will match any kind of interior design. Even better, it can be used everywhere from foyers to fireplaces, so you’ll enjoy plenty of flexibility when you remodel. If you can’t splurge for something like epic, floor-to-ceiling marble columns, just install a few marble tiles around your kitchen or bathroom.

Soften Your Lighting

Harsh florescent lighting will accentuate the imperfections of your furniture and wallpaper. On the other hand, gentle lighting will smooth out the rough edges of the room and give it the atmosphere of a tasteful, low-lit VIP area. Everything looks better when suffused with a warm glow, so throw out those halogen bulbs and look into lamps and even hanging lanterns.

Improve Your Paint Job

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the freshness of a room. Even if it’s just re-applying the same colour over a scratched, stained version, you’ll feel rejuvenated by the act of covering up the past and preparing for the future. As a bonus, you’ll be one step closer to luxury living with a picture-perfect paint job.

Swaddle the Room

Nothing says luxury like cushions, pillows and padded surfaces. If there are too many harsh edges in your room, smooth them out with little indulgences meant to make you and your guests more comfortable. You might also consider upholstering your furniture for both softness and convenience; the fabric can be replaced whenever you want, so you can “remodel” it cheaply when the mood strikes.

Upgrade Your Hardware

Swap out the rusty shower head in the bathroom. Install new knobs and pulls on your kitchen cupboards. Upgrade the basin in your sink. None of these things cost a lot of money, but they’ll gleam with newness after they’re installed, so you’ll create a wealthy and luxurious atmosphere despite their small price tag.

You don’t need high-price renovations to make your home look like something out of a luxury magazine. With careful planning and a little luck, you can achieve a glamorous design without putting any strain on your wallet at all.


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