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9 Ideas for Updating Your Backyard

9 Ideas for Updating Your Backyard

If your backyard doesn’t excite you, it’s time for an upgrade. Here are just a few suggestions for updating your backyard, to help you bring your exterior to life while turning it into a high-value area of your home at the same time.

1. Start a Garden

There are many beautiful flowers native to Alberta, including bright purple clematis and eye-popping gaillardias in yellow and red. You might also consider starting and tending a vegetable garden that will put crisp veggies on the table every night in the summer. Not only will it guarantee their freshness, but it will also help you avoid commercial pesticides.

2. Create a Socializing Space

From pool parties to barbecues, there are endless ways to gather your friends in the backyard. But where will everyone sit? Where will they put down their drinks? A big idea is to build a deck, patio or gazebo; a more casual course of action might be arranging a few chairs around the fire pit.

3. Create an Entrance

This will pair nicely with a fence or gate, but even if you have an open-concept backyard, you can still fashion an arbor or archway that leads into it. If you want something classy, consider twirling vines and trellises; if you’d prefer something cute, have your kids put colourful hand prints on a painted wooden sign that welcomes everyone into the backyard.

ideas for updating your backyard tiki torches image4. Add Some Lighting

You can’t show off your backyard if no one can see it! Arrange tea lights around your walkways for a gentle glow; install tiki torches that burn with mosquito repellent to protect your family from bites in the dark. Erect a few poles and string fairy lights between them for a casual party look.

5. Install Water Features

You’d be surprised at how the hours can fly by when you’re watching fish swim around a pond. The same goes for birds splashing around in a big water foundation. Whether you’re erecting a marble statue or constructing a zen garden with a rotating river wheel, water features can really contribute to the aesthetic of your property.

6. Divide It Into Zones

The “kid zone” can have their tree house, fun house or sandbox. The “relaxation zone” can have your pool and portable mini-bar. The “useful zone” can have your work shed or dog-rinsing area when Fido is too muddy to come inside right away. Instead of scattering your belongings throughout the backyard, keep everything divided into separate areas.

ideas for updating your backyard a green lawn image7. Cultivate Healthy Grass

If you’ve ever driven past homes with perfectly-cut, vividly green lawns, you should know that there’s a secret to their curb appeal. These homeowners are most likely tending their lawns with fertilizers and special soils that enrich the earth and encourage nutrient production. You’ll need to invest in the same thing if you want a beautiful yard of your own.

8. Utilize Your Vertical Space

Many people think of vertical space as an “indoor” concept because it uses things like cabinets and shelves. But why not bring it outdoors as well? You can hang flowerpots around your porch or bird feeders from the trees. You can even bring out stackable cubbies for kids’ toys and swim gear.

9. Create a Place to Relax

Maybe it’s a hammock swinging between two trees. Maybe it’s a wraparound porch with a screened-in area for lazy summer nights spent outside. The sky is the limit when it comes to the ways you can transform your boring backyard into an oasis from the chaos of life.

These are just a few ways to update your backyard into something that inspires feelings of pride and contentment. It’s the only backyard you’ve got, so make it worthwhile!


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  1. Developing and maintaining a garden in your yard can be a lovely idea, as it can create a space within. Installing a fence or a gate can be the catalyst for entrance.


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