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Edmonton’s Hollywood Scene: An Interview With Talent Agent, Darryl Mork

Edmonton’s Hollywood Scene: An Interview With Talent Agent, Darryl Mork

I sat down with local talent agent, Darryl Mork and got the scoop on his success in the exciting business of acting!

Edmonton’s Hollywood Scene: Interview Talent Agent, Darryl Mork Agent Image1. How long have you been in the business and how did it all start for you?

I’ve been working as an agent for 27 years. I guess I sort of just fell into being an agent from both having an interest in acting and modeling in my teens.

I had taken Drama in Highschool and then went on to get a BA in Drama at the U of A. For a couple summers I went to HB Studios in New York City and studied with the respected acting teacher Herbert Berghoff. 

I was also modeling for an agency during high school in Edmonton and then went to Europe to model after being accepted by an agency. I then worked in Switzerland, Spain and mostly Austria. I had appeared in over 50 commercials back then, so I was used to having agents.

I later opened up a film acting school in Edmonton in a business partnership with Bette Chadwick — Bette was the queen of Alberta Casting back then and did pretty much all the work in Alberta. After 5 years of that, I experimented as an agent for 6 months and then partnered up with Elisabeth Ebbels and together we opened an agency called Mork & Ebbels Talent Agency. This agency lasted 5 years and then we both went on to continue our own individual agencies.

2. How many actors are on your roster?

I have about 80 on the roster currently.

Edmonton’s Hollywood Scene: Interview Talent Agent, Darryl Mork Eugene Brave Rock Image3. How many local actors have become “famous”? Who are they and what have they starred in?

There have been several successful local actors over the years. When I first became an agent I was lucky and booked one of my first clients, Dakota House, on CBC’s North of 60 in the early 90’s. Dakota was a series regular on this show for 81 episodes and also starred in their movies. Then in the early stages of Mork and Ebbels Agency, we started off Nathan Fillion on One Life to Live, Eric Johnson on Legends of the Fall, and then later I booked Eric on Smallville, Rookie Blue, etc. I currently have Eugene Brave Rock from Southern Alberta on WB’s hit Wonder Woman Feature where he plays the character “Chief”.  Nathaniel Arcand is always working and the past couple months he’s been seen on CBS’ Bull, WB’s Supernatural, Heartland and Frontier. Nathaniel is also in the upcoming film Hard Powder.  15-year-old Samuel Marty from Frog Lake reservation plays “Truckee” in the new Steven Soderbergh Netflix series that just began in November. I watched the first episode last week and both Samuel and the series are terrific.  Wilma Pelly who was a series regular on North of 60 and Mixed Blessings will be opening the film LAND in February at the Berlin Film Festival in Germany. Wilma spent several weeks filming this movie in Mexico last year. Georgina Lightning and Stephanie Harpe from my agency are also in Land. 

There are many other actors that are on projects now airing like The Alienist, Jamestown, Wind River, Yellowstone, Indian Horse, Damnation, Outlander, etc.

4. How does one get into the acting career?

Actors need to take quality acting classes, get an agent, and then start auditioning. There’s a lot of disappointment that an actor can feel from not landing auditions. The trick is to not give up or get discouraged. Keep studying and stay committed — eventually, they will book something. Many actors think they can just act without putting in any training. It’s a very competitive business and it doesn’t work that way.

Edmonton’s Hollywood Scene: Interview Talent Agent, Darryl Mork Nathaniel Arcand Image5. What does a day in your life look like in regards to your business?

I spend a lot of time reading project breakdowns from all over North America. Then I submit actors to casting directors, set up auditions, and then negotiate deals. That’s my main work.

6. What is your favourite part of this job?

It’s telling an actor they’ve landed a role. That’s the best part of my job because the actors are so happy. It’s a terrific feeling when their/our work has paid off.

7. What’s the coolest story you have (regarding celebrities, etc)?

Hmm, I have some stories but they are pretty embarrassing for the celebrities.

8. Are you looking for more talent and if so, how can they contact you?

Actors are always applying to my agency. I usually look at Submissions that come in every 3-4 months and I only can take on a few new actors in a year. Actors that want to apply should send a photo, resume and a link to their film acting demo, or if they do not have a demo they need to self-tape a couple auditions of themselves and send it to me at

Well, there you have it! Bet you didn’t think Edmonton had so many famous people?! I myself had the pleasure of working with Darryl and his actors for many years (in a previous life) 😉 

Wish you and your talented actors all the best, Darryl!


Photos courtesy of Darryl Mork

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