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Edmonton Community Focus: Rosenthal

Edmonton Community Focus: Rosenthal

Journey to the west side of the city and you’ll find one of Edmonton’s newest communities; Rosenthal. One of the most vibrant communities in Alberta, Rosenthal offers all kinds of amenities and events for its residents. Here are just a few things that you’ll enjoy when you move to this beautiful new neighbourhood.

Ribbon of Green

Edmonton is home to so many parks, paths and walking trails that it’s earned the nickname “the ribbon of green.” Rosenthal is part of this designation, offering several parks and playgrounds within the community and even more when you expand your radius to include all of Edmonton. You’ll always have somewhere to walk the dog or host a barbecue on a nice summer night, so don’t be afraid to pull up a map and unfurl the ribbon.

Rosenthal Spray Park & Playground

Beat the heat with a family-friendly spray park. Kids will love running around the maypoles and splashing in the cool, colourful tubes; adults will appreciate the fine mist that periodically sprays their faces and keeps their temperature down during Alberta’s balmy months. The Rosenthal Spray Park & Playground is a very popular destination in the summertime, so you’re sure to meet people and make some new friends while you’re there.

River Cree Resort and Casino

There’s so much to experience at the River Cree Resort and Casino that you’ll have to return again and again just to try it all. Don’t worry about the casino part if you’re not a fan of gambling; the resort offers so much more than slot machines. For example, there are a half-dozen bars, restaurants and coffee shops serving luxurious cuisine from all around the world. There are also live shows of music, comedy and theatre every week. It’s the perfect place for date night after you’ve left the kids with the babysitter.

edmonton community focus west edmonton mall imageWest Edmonton Mall

With more than 800 stores spread across five million square feet, West Edmonton Mall is the biggest mall in all of North America. You can lose yourself for hours among its shops, boutiques and cafes, and that’s not even getting into its big-ticket attractions like Mayfield Toyota Ice Palace and the indoor amusement park known as Galaxyland. If you’re looking for a lively day among the shoppers of Edmonton, consider checking out WEM.

West Henday Promenade

This neighbourhood shopping centre includes all of your favourite fast food joints and household stores. Drop the kids off at Brightpath Early Learning and Child Care; pick up your prescriptions at the Shoppers Drug Mart; cool off with a delicious ice cream cone from Dairy Queen. The shopping centre is the kind of place where you just walk around on a lazy afternoon and see where your mood takes you.

Lewis Farms Community Recreation Centre

Though still in the planning stages, this recreational centre is poised to outshine everything else in Rosenthal and even all of Edmonton for that matter. It will offer pools, gymnasiums, ice rinks, boulder walls and fitness centres while also housing a library branch, an academic centre and a district park. Even better, the district park would include playgrounds, baseball fields and skateboard parks, so there would be no end to the things that you could see and do in the Lewis Farms Community Recreation Centre. Developers say it will be $215 million well-spent.

This is just a quick peek into the community of Rosenthal. Whether you’re a parent looking to put down roots or a young professional hoping to reside near economic opportunities, Rosenthal should definitely make your shortlist of potential places to buy a home. The area grows by the day, and you could be right in the middle of it!


Photo credit: West Edmonton Mall

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