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Edmonton Artist Spotlight: Elliot Engley

Edmonton Artist Spotlight: Elliot Engley

I sat down with local artist, Elliot Engley, to get an idea of what inspired him to become such a talent here in Edmonton.

Edmonton Artist Spotlight: Elliot Engley ImageWhat’s your background?

I’m a landscape painter and illustrator born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. Since I was a young child I’ve explored the representation of ideas, people, landscapes and other subject matter through my artwork. I took art classes throughout primary and secondary schooling and felt a strong desire to pursue a career as an artist. 

I enrolled in the Graphic design program at Grant MacEwan and graduated in 1995. I then worked as a graphic designer and Illustrator for approximately 10 years. In 2005 I decided to pursue a career in healthcare as a respiratory therapist. Although I enjoyed my education and field experience, I felt the need for an artistic outlet and decided to not only focus on my true passion, painting, but to also try and make some money at it. I felt landscape painting and, more specifically, focusing on the landscapes of my home environment, would be the direction I’d follow. 

I once heard a writer state to “write what you know”, and decided to apply this rule to my paintings. I have enjoyed the balance between part-time work in healthcare and the arts for the past 10 years. 

What would you say to young, aspiring artists?

I would encourage anyone desiring an art career to consider such a balance as I’ve found. This way one can pursue the creation of art freely without financial concerns. This is shown in my paintings, as I tend not to follow one specific style of painting. 

Edmonton Artist Spotlight: Elliot Engley Ellerslie Farm ImageHow would you describe your art?

I would describe my painting style as back and forth between impressionism and realism. I enjoy experimenting with different styles, colours, and patterns to give the viewer an appealing, thought-provoking experience while also communicating an admiration for my home environment. 

The majority of my artwork consists of acrylic on canvas landscape paintings. Urban images include skylines, bridges, and streetscapes, presented in a myriad of colours and textures. Rural images of grain elevators, prairie fields, and mountains are presented in less traditional ways, providing a new interpretation of Alberta’s landscape. I also create digital typographic landscapes consisting of phrases in bold, bright colours. 

Where can one buy your art?

For displaying and selling my art I have found a combination of registering in local art events, displaying in public buildings (such as restaurants/businesses), word-of-mouth and website/social media use have proven successful and enjoyable. For local events, I consistently participate in The Whyte Ave Art walk, Riverbend Art In Our Park and The Strathearn Art walk. 

Edmonton Artist Spotlight: Elliot Engley Strathearn Drive Skyline ImageI enjoy the grassroots feel of these local outdoor events and interacting with members of my community. I’ve also received great exposure and had excellent social interactions through these events. I tend not to display in galleries due to commission rates and also in an effort to simplify my art administrative duties. Over the years I’ve come to find which display opportunities are most worthwhile and enjoyable for me. 

The personal joy and satisfaction I receive from creating and selling my art is immeasurable and it fills me with a sense of pride to know it is a job I will continue until the end of my days.

Feel free to contact Elliot if you’d like to purchase one of his pieces.

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