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Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home

When it comes to Christmas shopping, we get it. Who wants to head to the crowded mall, filled with people and kids waiting to see Santa?

So we put together a list of some amazing options for you. You can log on and do your shopping in your jammies, Christmas coffee in hand!

A couple of things to note here:

  1. Edmonton Living Magazine, nor any of its staff, will NOT receive any compensation from any of these vendors. These are not affiliate links. 
  2. These are not monthly subscriptions. You can literally log on, order, and be done. Or continue to shop with these people – totally your call!
  3. These are all people who do this for their living, either as a support to their main career or as their main career. By shopping with them, you are supporting some amazing local business people.
  4. Any recommendations are personal opinion only.

Without further ado!

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Color by Amber ImageColor by Amber

Have you seen Color By Amber jewellery before? What if we told you that a lot of their interlayers are created by women who otherwise wouldn’t have work? That by purchasing these pieces, you could make a difference to an entire village? That is what we are all about at Color by Amber….we accessorize in a way that allows us to look good, feel good and do good!

Kelly Latour has been a stylist for almost three years and has had the opportunity to visit the artisans in Peru and Mexico, plus she will be heading to Morocco to meet the artists in the spring. How incredible is that?! These pieces are all handmade in Salt Lake City out of upcycled resin! Using two sheets of the resin, they encapsulate the fair trade artisan materials inside. Plus, we are huge fans of its environmental stance… zero landfill and non-toxic to those who wear it!

Add the Do Good box to your shopping cart to take 20% off your total and receive free shipping. Each box contains a unique set of full circle jewellery that isn’t available in the catalogue! Or join the team and go on a shopping spree with kit credits! Find your next beautiful gift on Kelly’s site:

Editor-in-Chief recommendation: I can’t resist the Bookish Necklace, it’s like it was made for me!

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Huddy Buddies ImageHuddy Buddies

Huddy Buddies are gorgeous soft-soled booties and available in baby, child, and ladies sizes. The vegan suede sole is lined with a plush fur and the boot itself is made from a thick, warm wool blend yarn. The laces allow you to tighten them up to stop them from falling off little feet while in the car seat, baby wearing, or just around the house. The best thing about these boots is they are machine washable, every mom’s dream.

Mekaila Blasko and is the owner and creator of Huddy Buddies. She is married and a mother to two amazing little ones, Hudson and Delilah. She started Huddy Buddies while on maternity leave. Turning to YouTube, she learned how to crochet and one of her creations was a pair of slippers for Hudson. After many encouraging words and compliments, she took the chance and tried her hand at selling a few pairs. Now Huddy Buddies has grown and she makes hundreds of pairs a year.

You can order online at to get your own today! You can also check her out on Facebook for updates and giveaways, or take a peek at her Instagram.

EIC recommendation: I love the colours in the Hudson, so much fun!

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Mirra Designs ImageMirra Designs

Mirra Designs was dreamed up by Amy Schulz in 2010 when she realized she could apply her artistic eye and inherent talent to the world of gemstones.  She spent much of her life embracing the arts, but she was always drawn to the majestic beauty of gemstones, precious metals, and handcrafted jewellery.  Mirra Designs is about creating affordable yet amazing pieces for both mothers and daughters and, over the years, has expanded from her original humble beginnings.

Now, Mirra Designs offers a wide variety of natural gemstone, faux druzy, and Swarovski crystal jewellery alongside exquisitely sophisticated baby headbands.  After the birth of her first baby, she decided that glitz and glamour belonged to women of all ages, hence the incorporation of baby accessories into her established adult product lines.  Each item is expertly crafted with an attention to detail that can only be achieved by years of dedicated practice.

As mentioned, Amy is the owner of the online jewellery boutique, Mirra Designs.  Over the last seven years, she has been creating beautiful jewellery for women and darling headbands for their baby girls. You can often find her chasing after her two-year-old and snuggling her little baby when she’s not busy dreaming up new designs. She’s also a fur-mommy to a cute little pup named Frank.

You never know what kind of magic you’ll find in her online shop:! You can also give her Facebook page a “like” if you want to stay up-to-date.

EIC: I have three pairs of the stud earrings – so beautiful and simple!

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Monat ImageMonat

Is there someone on your list that could use some serious hair love? Then this is the stuff for you. Full of amazing botanicals, these products help prevent thinning and repair and replace essential nutrients in your hair. Plus, there are product line systems that give you longer, fuller, and stronger hair too. They even have a junior line!

Check out the “Rejuveniqe” oil products too; these are great for your scalp, which in turn, is also great for your hair.

Carolyn Breen had such great results with the products that she just had to tell the world about it. She’s been using it for years and loves it. Between her husband and her, they have five children, all of them grown now. You can learn more and get your own hair care products by checking out her site:

EIC recommendation: huge fan of the thickening spray, especially with my fine hair.

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Norwex ImageNorwex

“At Norwex, it’s our Mission to Help!  Norwex’s global Mission is to improve quality of life by radically reducing chemicals in our homes. We believe there is a strong and direct link between our health and the health of the environment. That’s why they have made it their purpose to reduce the harmful chemicals and waste that challenge our quality of life and the future of our planet. From their flagship microfiber to their superior cleaning products and sustainability solutions, their innovative products provide simple, cost-effective solutions that truly work. Norwex’s safe cleaning and personal care products reduce chemicals such as parabens, phthalates and carcinogens in the home, and help reduce waste from everyday things like paper towels and plastic wrap.”

The positive impact that Norwex is having around the world resonates so much with Melanie Markiwsky, Norwex Independent Sales Consultant, especially as a mother. After the birth of her second child, she wanted to stay home with her children and she saw Norwex as the perfect opportunity to allow her to realize that dream, while still providing an income to her family and fulfilling her creative, entrepreneurial spirit.  What started as a casual interest has evolved into a true passion for helping people create safer homes. She loves being part of a community of supportive, inspiring and empowering individuals. The incredible opportunities that Norwex provided enabled Melanie to “retire” from her career as an engineer in 2015 and dedicate herself fully to her family and to Norwex. Take a look and see what they offer on Melanie’s site:

EIC recommendation: the cleaning paste and descaler have been LIFE-SAVERS in my bathroom.

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home PB&J Style ImagePB&J Style

PB&J Style offers customer-curated finds for your closet. The customers send in suggestions, and they do their best to fulfil their wishes! The goal was to have an easy shopping experience that specifically addresses the hesitations people have with shopping online. Which is why PB&J offer free returns, or if your order is past the shipping return date, they allow their customers to post their items on their business page to offer to other customers.

Kirstin Burhoe created this business out of her home, in February 2017, after having to relocate to Edmonton from Fort McMurray when they lost their home in the fires. She is a stay-at-home mom of two lovely kids, Camden who is eight, and Everly who is three. You can see all of her goodies on her site at

EIC: don’t wait on this site! If you see something you want, get it! My fav is the Baseball Camo shirt, I’m a sucker for that sleeve length.

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Prairie Chick Prints ImagePrairie Chick Prints

One day while shopping for a gift on Etsy, Crystal came across digital downloads. She thought “hey, I can do that” and opened up her own Etsy shop! About a year or so after that she started selling printed items locally. The Maker’s Keep asked her to join them when they opened and now she has a whole line of items! She even sells her design on a website called Thortful in the UK! It’s been amazing and so much fun. To make someone you don’t even know belly laugh with one of her greeting cards or mugs, it is, as they say, “my work here is done”! It truly makes her so happy.

And from there she’s evolved to Prairie Chick Prints. From pretty to funny to sassy, we just can’t get enough. Her line developed from her upbringing – mom was an interior designer and dad has a great sense of humour. Crystal likes keeping it light and having a bit of fun. She does like designs that have the look of charming, handwritten styled fonts and hand-drawn styled illustrations BUT then she mixes that with some cheeky, sassy, funny sayings and… SHAZAM!

Crystal attended ACAD (Alberta College of Art and Design) and obtained her Bachelor of Design. She did the 9-5 thing and some freelance work, while in Calgary. After their first child, she and her husband decided to move “home” to Sherwood Park to be closer to family. You can see her collection here: – a note for viewers: there are some NSFW products so watch what area you’re browsing 😉

Show her some love on social media too; FacebookInstagram, or Twitter – whatever your preference.

EIC recommendation: I love the “wake up, kick ___, repeat” notebook and the “I don’t give a sip” mug.

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Seacret ImageSeacret

Many people ask, “What sets Seacret apart from all the other skincare companies and other products out there?” Well, all of Seacret’s products contain minerals, mud, or salt from the Dead Sea. For centuries, people have travelled there to take advantage of it’s proven healing properties, including Cleopatra (who travelled by camel for sixty days)! A few interesting facts about Seacret’s products and the Dead Sea:

  • Over 26 minerals essential to our overall health – 12 of which are found nowhere else on earth
  • There is no natural or synthetic substitute for the Dead Sea salt, mud or minerals
  • Five waterways flow into it, no water flows out. The only way that water leaves the Dead Sea is through evaporation. This creates a unique phenomenon resulting in 32% salt concentration
  • Mineral concentration is ten times that of any other body of water on earth
  • Our products are water based not oil based, and our essential oils are all extracted from plants and not chemically altered.
  • Over 70 natural ingredients
  • No parabens and hypoallergenic
  • SLS free and no harmful hormone destructors
  • a brand-new nutritional line just launched!
  • and much more

Tamara Lee started with Seacret three years ago. She is married with three boys aged six and under, so she understands chaos! This “sidehustle” she took the leap on saved her, she says. With the idea that her little side business would allow her to hire a housekeeper for $200/month, she actually has ended up with an amazing and supportive community. And she would love to share that with you, so take a look at the amazing products she has here:

EIC: you have to try the body butter – amazing!

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Silver Icing ImageSilver Icing

Silver Icing is an online Canadian women’s clothing boutique, based in Surrey, BC, that offers high-quality clothing and accessories for all budgets. A wide variety of styles can be found on the website ranging from casual wear to office wear, as well as exclusive and Silver Icing activewear, leggings, and sports bras. Sizes range from XXS to curvy as the company strives to accommodate women of every shape and size. I mean, who doesn’t love beautiful, quality, affordable fashion? The company’s business model focuses on daily Presales which allows shoppers to see something brand new on the website every day.

Silver Icing strives to source clothing that is eco-friendly and ethically conscious. A number of items are made with sustainable and organic fabrics like Tencel, modal, and bamboo. Over 75% of the clothing is manufactured in North America with the remainder being responsibly sourced to ensure a high code of ethics so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Melissa Kowalczyk is an Independent Stylist in Spruce Grove, Alberta. She is a work-at-home mom of four, doing her work via Facebook, Instagram, and her website. She began working for the company in August 2015. Intrigued by the company’s business model, beautiful clothes, and shopping from the comfort of her own home, she now operates a successful business! As an Independent Stylist, Melissa is available to her customers to provide help with sizing, ordering, and even hosting the occasional Pop Up Shop for an in-person shopping experience. Check her out on Facebook, (note: it’s a private group, so you’ll need to be approved to be a VIP!) Instagram, or head over to her site at to see all the goodies!

EIC recommendation: I absolutely love the exclusive leggings; so comfy and such a high quality.

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Steeped Tea ImageSteeped Tea

Steeped Tea is a Canadian company that specializes in ethically sourced, premium loose teas and accessories. The company started in 2006 when founder Tonia Jahshan and her husband tasted Cream of Earl Grey loose tea on a vacation and were blown away by the flavours. Tonia brought some home and began enthusiastically sharing it with friends and family, hosting multiple tea parties a month. Steeped Tea was born and blossomed into a successful direct-sales company with over 5000 independent consultants in North America. And yes, you’ve seen them on Dragons Den!

Tea’s the season!! Check out Laura’s website here: and find some unique holiday gift ideas- from the tea samplers that come with a perfect assortment of premium teas and steeping sacks, to customizable travel tumblers, and even a line of baking mixes and food items, Steeped Tea truly has something for everyone on your list!

Laura Bollinger is a work-at-home mom of three children, ranging in age from 2-6. When faced with decisions about returning to work and the challenge of finding affordable childcare, starting her own business with Steeped Tea became the solution! Laura has been with Steeped Tea for two years and loves being able to work on her terms and plan her own schedule. Laura works primarily online, but also connects with people in her community over tea when she holds tea tastings. Check out her Facebook page for fun videos and great info too!

EIC recommendation: I adore the Carafe – keeps my tea hot all day. The samplers also make great gifts because you can get a few different kinds to taste and test.

Easy Online Gift Shopping from Your Home Younique ImageYounique

Younique is a high-quality and beautiful makeup and skincare line. From gorgeous, colourful eyeshadow palettes, to full collections and sets, they have the makeup lover on your Christmas list covered! Their products are high quality, EU compliant, highly pigmented, and last forever. Nature is the inspiration behind the science of Younique.

Not only do they have amazing cosmetics, but the skincare line has been a game changer for Sheena. Take a look at some of the amazing products offered on her website at

There is also the Younique Foundation, dedicated to helping victims of sexual abuse.

Sheena Stefura LOVES makeup, like… really loves makeup!! She isn’t the most creative person in terms of drawing, sculpting or any of the arts, but she finds makeup to be an outlet she can express her creativity AND has so much fun doing it! Sheena has tried every brand under the sun and found that there are some amazing ones out there. But when she tried Younique, she fell in LOVE! Sheena fell so hard that she became a presenter for the company. She sells it because she loves it and loves to share it with others. Sheena is very active on Facebook, doing live video tutorials for anyone who would like to learn makeup application tips and tricks.

EIC recommendation: check out the Moodstruck Pressed Shadow Quad Palette – I love that I can pick what I want!

When you support local artisans and businesses, you directly support a person, their family, and their local economy and community. In return, you get unique and awesome gifts and products made with love and quality. All in all, it just feels good! It’s no fun shopping at a big box store. We’d take a small gift shop or farmers market over that any day.


Photo credits: online shopping

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