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Easy Home Organization: The Family Room

Easy Home Organization: The Family Room

Family rooms can be difficult to organize. With different ages, genders and interests all occupying the same space, how are you supposed to keep everyone happy? Here are just a few ideas.

Utilize Your Vertical Space

Instead of leaving everything scattered around the flat, horizontal surfaces of your family room, install shelves and hooks on your walls to take advantage of your vertical space. This is an especially useful trick if you have teens and toddlers occupying the same area. Your younger children won’t be able to break things that are out of their reach, but your older kids won’t have to jump through hoops to have access to their own gadgets.

Buy the Right Furniture

Look for storage capabilities in all of your family room furniture. For example, an ottoman with a hollow centre can be used to stash remotes and stray cables, and an armoire is the quintessential holder of movies, board games and craft supplies. They even make couches with pull-out drawers at the bottom! Whenever you’re eyeing a piece of furniture and wondering if it would be suitable for the family room, ask yourself what it might store.

Easy Home Organization: The Family Room Stacks ImageStack Your Stuff

Stacking is one of the easiest ways to de-clutter a room. Whether it’s plastic bins full of toys or wire baskets stuffed with office supplies, you can get a lot more mileage out of your square footage by stacking everything in it. It’s good for the whole family, too: Kids and adults will both enjoy a freer, more open space with all of the “junk” out of the way.

Label Everything

Put labels on all of your boxes, bins and baskets. Not only will this cut down on the “but I don’t know where it goes!” excuses when it’s time to tidy things up, but you can also make an afternoon project out of it. Let your kids decorate plain sticky labels with whatever crayons, paints and glitter sticks that their hearts desire. If you’re really lucky, they might decide that this whole cleanliness thing is kind of fun.

Create Zones

If one child loves reading but the other prefers to play video games, don’t make them share the same corner. The reader will hate the flashing lights of the television, and the gamer will resent your constant shushing as you try to keep the peace between them. Instead, create different zones in your family room where every member can do their own thing. You can even partition them off with, say, low-level bookcases that subtly divide the space.

Eliminate the Space Wasters

You bought the big couch with visions of the entire family cuddling together for movie night, but how often does that actually happen? Not only are you taking up valuable floor space with something that’s hardly ever used, but you’re also limiting your options for bonding time. For example, maybe you could entice everyone to movie night with fluffy armchairs and beanbag chairs instead of a sectional.

Don’t Forget Your Nooks and Crannies

With a little creativity, any oddly-shaped corner in your family room can become a storage space. Is there a gap between the wall and the window? Make it a wall niche! Do you have empty space under the steps where you can install some custom-built bookshelves? Get out your drill! The sky is the limit when you’re both dedicated and imaginative.

These are just a few tips for arranging and organizing your family room. No matter what style you’re going for, the most important thing is that you aren’t afraid to experiment. You never know when you’ll stumble on the perfect organizational system!

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