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Easy Home Organization: The Master Bedroom

Easy Home Organization: The Master Bedroom

Does your master bedroom need a heavy dose of organization? If so, there are plenty of easy ways to organize the room so you can better enjoy the space. Consider several simple organization tips you can put into practice today.

Create a Sorting System

Start the process by finding four large cardboard boxes or garbage bags. Use a coloured pencil and index cards to make a label for each box. Here are your four labels:

  • Keep
  • Donate
  • Throw Out
  • Redistribute

Organize One Area at a Time

If your master bedroom has a lot of clutter, the task of organization can look next to impossible. So, it’s best to tackle one area of your master bedroom at a time so you won’t exhaust yourself or become overwhelmed with the work.

The Space Under Your Bed

Pull out all of the items from under your bed, sort them and put them in the proper boxes. You are likely to throw away or donate many of the items you find. Why? Because they’ve been out of sight, out of mind, which means you probably don’t need them.

The Tops of Your Dressers and Tables

The tops of dressers and tables in the master bedroom are notorious for having a little bit of everything on them. Books, scarves, notes, hairpins, envelopes and jewelry are just a few examples. Once you’ve removed and sorted the items, you’ll be surprised at how much better your master bedroom will look.

The Drawers of Your Dressers and Tables

Once you’ve sorted all of the clothing and other items in the drawers of your dressers and tables, vacuum the empty drawers. Neatly fold the sweaters, t-shirts and other items you’re going to keep before putting them back. You’ll be surprised at what a good feeling it is to open a drawer and see your t-shirts, sweaters and socks in perfect order!

Easy Home Organization: the Master Bedroom Closet imageThe Closet

Take all of the clothes, shoes, belts and other items out of the closet. It’s a wise idea to sort the items as you pull them out so you don’t look around to see a mountain of clothing on your bed. Once you’re finished sorting, dust and vacuum inside your closet and start putting back the items you want to keep. Here are some storage ideas:

  • Use a ladder shelf to organize your shoes so you can see them.
  • Hang all of your warm weather clothing items together and do the same with your clothing for the cold weather.
  • Hang clothing items together by colour or style.
  • Move the clothing for the current season closer to the front of your closet where you can reach it easily.

Take Care of Your Sorted Items

After putting away the items you want to keep, take the donations box and put it into your car’s trunk. This will help you remember to drop it off at a local charity. Take the box labeled throw out and put it next to your garbage cans. Finally, walk around your home with the redistribute box and put the items back in the areas where they belong.

One of the best reasons to organize your master bedroom is you’ll be able to find what you want, when you want it. From now on, put things back where they belong right away so you can maintain the organized look of your master bedroom. If you liked this article, take a look at our ideas for organizing your kitchen!

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