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Easy Home Organization: The Bathroom

Easy Home Organization: The Bathroom

There’s more to bathroom organization than just buying a drawer divider and calling it a day. If you’re ready to take control of your countertops again, here are just a few ways to restructure and redecorate your bathroom.

Group Similar Items

Do you struggle to get out of the door on time? It can help to eliminate that frustrated searching for misplaced bobby pins and nail clippers. By grouping all of your hair care items in one drawer and all of your skin care products in another, you’ll always know where to find what you need. You can even buy blank white stickers to label your storage spaces.

Take Advantage of Wall Space

Your walls can be just as useful as your cupboards when it comes to bathroom storage. Hang hooks for your towels; install shelves for bottles, sprays and tubes; put up racks and rails to hold your extra toilet paper rolls. If you run out of regular wall space, get creative with things like floating corner shelves.

Easy Home Organization Bathroom Baskets ImageGive Everything A Container

“Loose” items are the ones that tend to go missing, so make sure that everything in your bathroom is stored in some kind of container. Put your cotton balls and Q-tips in a mason jar. Arrange your toothbrushes in a family-sized toothbrush holder. Collect all of your perfumes and put them on a lazy Susan. If everything has a place, your bathroom is much less likely to get messy.

Clean Out Your Medicine Cabinet

It’s a little-known fact that sunscreens and lotions can expire just like food products, so if these dusty bottles are cluttering up your medicine cabinet, it’s time to make a change. Take a look at your actual medications, too. Is your cough syrup out of date? Did your allergy pills lose their potency years ago?

Store Bath Products in the Shower

From suction-cup shelves to shower head caddies, there are many ways to store things in your shower. Not only will this keep your bath products close at hand when you’re covered in suds, but it will also free up valuable cupboard and countertop space. You can even build recessed shelves directly into your shower wall if you want a more permanent storage solution.

Stay Clear

Clear plastic containers are great for bathrooms because you’ll notice right away when a stray earring falls into your ponytail holders. Open-top baskets are also useful, especially when you’re piling them with towels, sheets and other laundry items. Avoid anything with a lid or anything that doesn’t allow you to see inside of it.

Easy Home Organization Bathroom Cupboards ImageUse Your Doors

Doors are often overlooked as an organizational space, but they can be outfitted with the same shelves and hooks as your regular walls. Think about the inside of your bathroom door and the interior doors to your cupboards and cabinets. Think about the doors to your linen closet and the door that opens underneath the sink. If it has a flat surface, it can be used for storage.

Fold, Stow and Expand

Small bathrooms are a bit harder to organize than large, spacious ones, so you might need to get imaginative when it comes to storage space. Look for things like expandable drawers for cosmetic items and pull-out towel racks that can be hidden away when not in use. This will leave you room to manoeuvre in the mornings without sacrificing storage space.

These are just a few techniques for decluttering your bathroom. It might take a few days to sort through all of those shaving creams, hair turbans and ancient bath bombs, but it’ll be worth it when your bathroom looks brand new again!

The organization doesn’t have to stop here, either – our tips for home organization for your kitchen, master bedroom, and the family room can help you get your entire home in order.


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