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Decorate Your Home Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

Decorate Your Home Like Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

The royal wedding is only a few months away, and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are already living in their starter home: Nottingham Cottage at Kensington Palace. If you’d like to bring some of this stately appeal into your own interior design, here are just a few tips for giving your home a royal touch.

Neutral Tones

Most of the Queen’s residences are decorated in neutral colours. While there are splashes of red and purple to represent the royal family, the majority of the walls, floors, curtains and carpets are done in shades of white and brown. Gold is also popular, especially when it’s used as an accent colour instead of a primary one. Can you decorate your home with a similar palette? Think about white upholstery, gold embroidery and dark brown furniture.

Decorate Your Home Like Prince Harry Meghan Markle Flowers ImageFresh Flowers

Meghan Markle used to post photos of her Toronto home on Instagram, and flowers were something that popped up in her pictures over and over again. Whether they were decorating her shelves or arranged as beautiful coffee table centrepieces, the future duchess always had a fresh bouquet or two. She’ll probably bring some flowers into her new home as well, and you can follow her example with orchids, violets and peace lilies. You can even improve your indoor air quality with things like spider plants! They’ll strip toxins out of the atmosphere.


Nottingham Cottage has been described as a “classic country cottage” with a small number of bedrooms and a well-restored interior. While we’ve never actually gotten a peek inside its walls, it’s safe to assume that a classic country cottage will have plenty of wooden elements. Just steer clear of cheap engineered woods! If you want the decadence of the royal lifestyle, you’ll need to splurge for high-quality timber in the form of something like cherry wood. Consider it an investment for your long-term interior design.

Ornamental Decorations

One of the hallmarks of Kensington Palace is its Jacobean architecture. Jacobean architecture loves fancy decorative elements like archivolts and pilasters, and it’s easy enough to add these to your own walls. You can buy them as attachable moldings if you feel like going all out, or you can make do with patterned wallpaper if you’d prefer something a bit cheaper and easier to install. You can also look into arches, carvings and patterned wall decorations for an authentic 1600s look.

Decorate Your Home Like Prince Harry Meghan Markle Drapes ImageNatural Light

While it’s true that the royal family loves its expensive, iron-wrought chandeliers, you won’t find many of them outside of formal rooms. For their everyday living spaces, the royal family prefers natural light streaming through big windows with open curtains. You can create the same effect by opening your windows instead of hiding them behind heavy drapes. If you lack a large number of windows, increase what light you have by hanging mirrors that will reflect it around the room.

Minimal Clutter

You’ll never catch Prince George’s toys scattered across the royal carpet! In fact, you won’t see many knickknacks at all. Clutter is very sparse in the palace, and all of the furniture has been carefully arranged to encourage open space and free movement. It’s almost minimalist in a way, so if you want your house to follow suit, think about trashing or donating some of your unused belongings.

These are just a few ways to make your home fit for a queen. Don’t feel like you have to use all of them, however! It’s okay to break tradition every once in awhile and try new things. If the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle is teaching us anything, it’s that change can be beautiful.


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