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The Cutest Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

The Cutest Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

There’s nothing like a great Halloween costume to get your child excited and ready for one of the year’s best holidays. If you’re creative-minded or your child doesn’t want a store-bought costume, you might wonder how you’ll find the time to make them a costume. Help is here with these fun Halloween costume ideas for kids that don’t involve too much work.

Cutest Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids Sewing ImageSpaghetti and Meatballs

  • This cute idea will be the talk of the neighbourhood when you take your child out.
  • Put a hole in the middle of a red-checkered tablecloth – it should look like a rain poncho when you’re done
  • Cut off-white yarn into pieces the length of spaghetti – half a skein should do the job
  • Glue them in bunches and individual strands to a paper plate using a hot glue gun
  • Paint 8 small Styrofoam balls brown, then glue about 5 of them to the plate
  • Mix your brown acrylic paint and red acrylic paint to get a tomato sauce colour
  • Drizzle this paint mixture over the spaghetti and meatballs
  • Glue the plate to the tablecloth and the remaining meatballs into the location of your choice
  • Use a small pot as a hat, which you can glue the spaghetti to and drizzle some of the sauce on


Girls will love the chance to put on this ever-popular 20’s-style costume.

  • Glue 5 yards of a 4-inch fringe on a white ribbed tank top
  • Make sure you only attach the fringe to the front and hot-glue it in rows starting from the bottom
  • Take an 18-inch piece of 2-inch wide ribbon and glue a feather to it
  • Tie the ribbon around your child’s head to make it a headband, and top off with a feather boa

Rubik’s Cube

  • Cut a hole in the top of a 16 x 16″ box for your child’s head
  • Make sure the flaps are cut off the open end
  • Glue 4 8 1/2 by 11″ pieces of red paper to one side and use black electrical tape to create lines in between the paper sheets
  • Repeat this process using yellow, green and blue paper for the other side

Your child will draw plenty of attention outfitted as this popular 70’s and 80’s toy.

A Weather Boy or Girl

If your child is into science or loves watching the weather, this costume idea is so easy!

  • Use a piece of burlap to cover a cardboard box your child can fit around his or her waist
  • Use weather stripping to create pockets that resemble weights
  • Attach a toy barometer to the burlap
  • Attach the length of twine for your child to put around their neck so the box will stay up
  • Attach a large, plain helium balloon to the twine with a clip or a good knot
  • Help your child accessorize with a clipboard and set of binoculars

Halloween costume ideas that don’t require sewing and are unique will help your child become the star of your Edmonton neighbourhood this year. These costumes aren’t like what you’ll find in stores and are very easy to customize to your needs. You’ll save time not having to go to multiple stores to find what you need.


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