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Custom Creations: The Bar

Custom Creations: The Bar

For those who enjoy entertaining, a home bar is the perfect addition to any home. It could be something as basic as a small wet bar in the kitchen or as elaborate as a full man cave taking up the entire basement level. Take a look at some of our ideas for creating a home bar that everyone will love.

Choosing a Theme

Think about the tone you want your bar to set. Many people want something that’s cozy and comfortable – something a bit like going to their favourite neighbourhood bar without having to leave the house. Others might want a bar that has a funky retro look or the same style that you’d find in an upscale hotel’s bar.

Selecting Materials

Using your theme, select the type of materials you want to use for the bar and other accessories in the area. Wood can make the bar look like your neighbourhood sports bar or it can give it the feel of an old saloon. A granite or marble top to the bar with gold accents in the backsplash and lighting will set an elegant mood. A bar made from recycled glass looks creative and is environmentally-friendly.

Custom Creations Bar Outdoor Bar ImageUnbelievable Outdoor Bars

If you love outdoor entertaining, consider an outdoor bar. With a bar attached to a full outdoor kitchen, you can easily let people socialize while you grill up some burgers. A small roof overhead can protect people from sun or rain. For the ultimate luxury, create a pool bar that’s reminiscent of your last tropical vacation. People can swim right up to the bar for their drinks.

Interesting Shapes and Placement

Traditional home bars often mimic the look of real bars. People sit at the counter and the “bartender” has a variety of drink choices displayed on the wall in the back. However, you are totally free to break this mold. For instance, a circular bar has a smaller footprint and could easily fit in the dining nook of a floor plan. This might be a good choice for someone who wants a home bar but doesn’t necessarily want to dedicate an entire room to the endeavour. Another idea would be to put a freestanding bar in a den or library. This also takes up less space and gives the room more than one purpose.

The Sports Bar

Of course, some people really want a dedicated room for their bar. Many of these people imagine friends coming over to enjoy watching the hockey game while having a few drinks. If this is your image, consider making it a room to remember. In addition to the bar seating, include some comfy chairs facing a large television. Have multiple TVs to play more than one game, and include a few fun details like a popcorn machine for some snacks.

Unusual Elements

Maybe you’d like some lights running under the bar and cabinetry to create a futuristic effect. Maybe you’d like a tropical fish tank built into the bar. A backsplash made with LED lights could be constantly changing, and an ice bucket cut out of the bar’s countertop could allow guests to easily serve themselves a cold one. Check out some images online to find the things you like.

Custom Creations Bar Bottles ImageBar Storage

Think about what type of storage you might need in your bar. Will you need just a few beer mugs and wine glasses to serve occasional guests, or do you need enough for those times when you’re hosting a party for 50 people? Will you be stocking a few favourite bottles of alcohol or do you imagine offering guests a wide range of choices? For a bar, many people like to choose cabinets that are open so guests can see their options. Others like solid doors on the cabinets so they don’t have to worry about keeping things tidy. Don’t forget to include space for a refrigerator or a wine cooler. 

Having a home bar will make your home a popular spot for hanging out, so don’t skimp on the design. There are many amazing Edmonton home builders that will work hard to turn your visions into a reality.


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