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Cheap Travel Destinations in January

Cheap Travel Destinations in January

Are you ready to escape the frozen fingers of Canada’s winter season? Here are just a few places where you’ll enjoy sandy beaches, dusty ruins and natural hot springs tucked into rocky mountains. As a bonus, none of these locations will break the bank!

Cheap Travel Destinations January Peru ImageCusco, Peru

A lot of people who travel to Peru are itching to get to Machu Picchu, but they pass right by places like Cusco without even realizing what they’re missing! For example, Cusco provides one of the only real hiking trails to the stunning “Rainbow Mountain.” It’s a mountain with mineral deposits that give it breathtaking colours like gold, lavender and turquoise, and it has to be seen to be believed.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Cambodia is one of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia, especially if you’re willing to eat street food and entertain yourself with its free temples and hand-carved monuments. Even if you decide to splurge, you won’t spend that much money. Renting a tuk-tuk to get around the city will cost you less than a bowl of kuy teav.

Mazatlan, Mexico

Hailed as the shrimp capital of Mexico, Mazatlan is home to sizzling seafood dishes that will make you forget all about the chill of Canadian winters. Throw in the pristine beaches and blue-green waters, and it’ll be tough to pull yourself away from this tropical paradise when it’s time to return home.

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls is so large that it spans the border of two countries: Zambia and Zimbabwe. While the Zambia side is a bit more picturesque, the Zimbabwe side will be easier on the wallet. Besides, it’s not like you can see all 1,708 metres of this thundering waterfall at once! You might as well save a few dollars by visiting this more affordable country.

Montego Bay, Jamaica

January is a nice time to visit Jamaica because it’s right after the rainy season. The grass will be green and lush; the flowers will be in full bloom; the snorkel shops will be throwing open their doors. In addition, the annual Jamaica Jazz & Blues Festival takes over Montego Bay in January so music lovers will have a reason to dance!

Valparaiso, Chile

Known as “the jewel of the Pacific,” Valparaiso is a seaside town that offers everything you could want from a South American vacation. Whether it’s restaurants, theatres, art galleries or dance halls, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to sample Chilean culture. January is a good month to visit, too. The tourists don’t really crowd the place until the summer months.

Tirana, Albania

Travel somewhere off the beaten path when you take a trip to Albania. This little-known European country is extremely cheap but also a lot of fun, especially if you’re the outdoorsy type. Tirana is sandwiched between Dajti Mountain and the Adriatic Sea, so whether you’re into surfing, climbing, hiking or just sightseeing, it offers a little bit of everything.

Cheap Travel Destinations January Japan ImageAkita, Japan

Maybe you don’t mind the snow. Maybe you’re just tired of trudging down slushy sidewalks while the city’s snow plows make angry noises at you. If you’d prefer a real winter wonderland, try the tiny northern town of Akita. They have bamboo resorts built right on top of natural hot springs, and all of them are nestled deep in beautiful, snow-white mountains.

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

If you like cultural experiences, you’ll go crazy for the food, art, music, poetry and theatre productions of Yogyakarta. Spend your mornings exploring ancient temples on the outskirts of the city; return to the downtown area by nightfall to catch a ballet or symphony.

These are just a few travel destinations that won’t demolish your credit card even during a busy month like January. Have fun with your vacation plans!


Photo credits: beach, Japan, Peru

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