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Best Edmonton Spots for a Romantic Date Night

Best Edmonton Spots for a Romantic Date Night

Maybe you’re looking to celebrate Valentine’s Day in a very romantic way or maybe you’re about to propose to a long-time lover! Whatever your reasons for seeking the best restaurants in Edmonton for date night, here are just a few locations that will give you the ambience you need for a romantic night on the town.

Best Edmonton Spots Romantic Date Night Italian ImageCafe Amore

Share a plate of spaghetti like “Lady and the Tramp” when you visit Cafe Amore. This family owned and operated restaurant is one of the best places in Edmonton to enjoy authentic Italian cuisine, and the kitchen is renowned for its fresh seafood, too. You can choose your own lobster from a live lobster tank before taking your date by the arm and moving to the outdoor patio seating. Soft lights will twinkle overhead as you enjoy good drinks and even better company, and with late-night hours on the weekends, you don’t have to rush your wining and dining! Fall in AMORE at this exquisite bistro!

Hardware Grill

From lacquered duck breast to fresh prawns served with a portobello vinaigrette, the menu at the Hardware Grill has to be seen to be believed. There’s also a great selection of both red and white wines, and you can top it all off with desserts like chocolate marquis made with salted hazelnuts and crème fraiche. The Hardware Grill is an upscale restaurant where you’ll need to make a reservation in advance, but if you don’t mind the effort, your date will definitely be impressed by the five-star cuisine and polished table settings. It’s perfect for birthdays, holidays, anniversaries and other special occasions.

La Ronde

See the sights with La Ronde, the only revolving rooftop restaurant in Edmonton. It’s 24 stories up, so you’ll be able to look down at the lights of the entire city as you feast on soups, salads and soufflés. If you’re hoping to plan something different from the traditional date night, you can also book a reservation at La Ronde for “Sunday Brunch” or “Tieless Tuesday.” It’s a restaurant that manages to be both trendy and timeless, so it’s ideal for couples who want to experience something new together. If the food doesn’t impress you, being at the very top of the Chateau Lacombe Hotel will!

Best Edmonton Spots Romantic Date Night Crepes ImageThe Creperie

If you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on a romantic evening, consider the Creperie. It has an affordable menu and a small, intimate setting where fairy lights twinkle over plush seats and cozy tables. It’s the kind of place where you can reconnect with your partner after you’ve both been busy with kids, jobs and other stresses. Hold hands over the table; listen to the gentle murmur of other conversations in the background; share a bowl of rum-drizzled ice cream with two spoons. You’ll love the atmosphere of the Creperie.

Red Ox Inn

Tucked away in one of Edmonton’s oldest neighbourhoods, the Red Ox Inn has a reputation for global dishes with unique twists that are hard to find anywhere else. It’s a casual, unpretentious restaurant, but its food encourages you to expand your horizons. For example, their lamb shanks come with falafel and hazelnut, and their gnocchi is made with mushrooms and fried eggs. There’s a reason why the Red Ox Inn has such a devoted following among local foodies, so if you’re ready to try something new with your boo, consider stopping by 91st Street.

These are just a few of Edmonton’s best restaurants for a romantic date night. Whether you’re looking for a grand, classic restaurant for your wedding anniversary or an eclectic little cafe for your first date, consider one of the choices on this list. They won’t let you down!


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