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Author: Lenka V.

Pets of Edmonton Living Magazine: Bailey

Name: Bailey Age: 6 months Breed: Morkie (Maltese/Yorkshire terrier) Bailey’s Story Woof! My name is Bailey and my mom, Lenka, is the graphic designer of Edmonton Living Magazine. She brought me home when I was 8 weeks old. I got used to my new home very quickly. I have a really soft bed and an even softer mattress in my kennel, but I prefer to sleep with my mom and dad when they let me. I also have two older (human) teenage brothers that play with me. If they don’t play with me, I like to nip at their...

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Get Inspired With These Christmas Decor Ideas

‘Tis the season to get crafty! There are millions of Christmas decor ideas, but here are just a few that will really take your interior design to the next level of holiday cheer. 1. Get Frosty Add an icy layer to all of your Christmas decorations with nothing more than a homemade glitter mix. The trick is blending 3/4ths white glitter with 1/4th silver. It will gleam like freshly-fallen snow, and it can be used on everything from wreaths to dining room centrepieces. 2. Spell A Holiday Greeting This particular project uses cardboard letters that you’re supposed to upholster with your choice...

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6 Ways Open Shelves are a Great Design Choice

We understand that home decor is a very personal choice, dependant on your tastes, style, likes and dislikes, etc. And while open shelving may not be for everyone, there are some definite benefits – practical and otherwise. 1. Supersize Your Space Options While you might look at your cabinets as a great storage solution, how many times have you had to grab a stepstool to reach the stuff at the back, on the top shelf? With open shelving, you can maximize the use of the space, and it looks put-together because everyone can see it. 2. Open and Inviting It can...

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Edmonton Community Focus: Newcastle

Living in a vibrant community is important for many of us. From great shopping, restaurants, and all the other important amenities you need, the Northside community of Newcastle is a great choice for many Edmonton families. Here are some of the biggest reasons to consider living in Newcastle. Active Lifestyle  Outdoors Newcastle offers the serenity of the quiet suburbs. Here, relax and enjoy the beauty of nature by taking a walk around the community lake. Or, you can opt for a jog or bike ride through the various trails just outside your back door. Regardless of your favourite outdoor...

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Best Edmonton Spots for a Unique Date Night

Whether you’ve just met someone brand new or you want to rekindle the flame of romance with someone you’ve known for a while, Edmonton is one of the best cities in Canada in terms of unique and interesting places to go on a first date. And, while nothing can guarantee romantic chemistry, when you choose to go on a date in one of the below locations, at least you’ll be guaranteed to have an interesting time. Axe Throwing It may sound like something that only lumberjacks would really enjoy, but the Bad Axe Throwing centre in downtown Edmonton is a great...

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