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9 Easy Winter Recipes to Try

9 Easy Winter Recipes to Try

There’s nothing like a hot meal to stick to your ribs on a cold winter night. If you’re a busy parent or career person, however, you might not have time to fix elaborate meals like you’re a contestant on Top Chef Canada. Here are just a few winter recipes that will taste great without requiring hours of prep!

9 Easy Winter Recipes to Try Beef Stew Image1. Beef Stew

This classic recipe takes anywhere from 3-5 hours in a slow cooker, but with a big pot and a willingness to multitask, you can get it done in just 30 minutes. The meat will make it a hearty meal; the veggies will check off another box on the food pyramid; the spices will make your toes curl.

2. Spaghetti Pie

Delight your kids with a spaghetti pie that tastes like the real thing but only has a fraction of the spill factor. Baked and cut like a casserole, it will serve as a filling winter meal without the dangers of little Gwen deciding that her brother needs a noodle hat!

3. Smoked Gouda and Broccoli Soup

Broccoli and cheese is a time-honoured combination, and putting them together in a thick, creamy soup is a stroke of pure genius. This recipe calls for Gouda, but you can easily swap it with the cheese of your choice. Cheddar is recommended as a particularly tasty alternative.

4. Chicken Chili With Sweet Potatoes

If this chili doesn’t warm you up, nothing will! Made with cumin, onion and bell pepper, it’s sure to give you a kick with every bite. The use of chicken instead of ground beef means that you can justify it as a healthy dinner option, too.

5. Mushroom and Onion Pot Pie

There’s a certain kind of joy in cutting open a hot, steaming pot pie while it’s freezing outside. That’s not even getting into the delicious taste of the mushroom-and-onion filling oozing out from the brown crust. Doesn’t it make you hungry just thinking about it?

6. Creamy Beef and Potato Casserole

Perfect for any ingredients that you have just lying around, this beef and potato casserole can be prepared with everything from hash browns to frozen tater tots. It’s admittedly not the healthiest recipe on this list, but everyone has nights when they just crave comfort food.

9 Easy Winter Recipes to Try Pork Chops Image7. Caramel Apple Pork Chops

Do you need to use the last of the fall apples before they go bad? Try this recipe for caramel apple pork chops. With a yummy blend of butter, nutmeg and brown sugar, it strikes a nice balance between sweet and savoury. You can even throw in some pecans for an added crunch.

8. Herb Chicken With Roasted Winter Vegetables

Not everything goes out of season just because there’s ice on the ground, and you can take advantage of these winter veggies by roasting them up with some good old-fashioned herb chicken. This particular recipe calls for cauliflower and brussel sprouts, but you can experiment with things like spinach as well.

9. Chewy Chocolate Cinnamon Cookies

Make your entire house smell like cinnamon when you whip up a batch of these chewy, chocolatey cookies. Not only will they melt in your mouth, but they’ll also pair well with a frosted glass of milk.

You don’t need fancy tools and hours of prep time to create simple, hearty meals. These recipes should be enough to stave off at least some of winter’s chill, and what’s more, they can be whipped up before your kid spoils tonight’s winner of Top Chef!


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