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7 Tips for An Instagram Worthy Home

7 Tips for An Instagram Worthy Home

Have you ever scrolled through spotless photos of carefully-curated Instagram real estate? You’re not alone. Many people have spent hours sighing over the beauty of these images, but the good news is that you don’t have to stop at mere admiration. If you want to actually create a home design worthy of a top-liked social media post, here are just seven ways to start styling.

1. Use A Neutral Palette

Neutral tones are popular with home designers because they can be modified and accessorized with minimal energy. For example, instead of having to re-paint your blue walls when you’re in the mood for yellow ones, you can simply arrange blue and yellow accents as splashes of colour against a white wall. A neutral palette will serve as a great foundation for further decorating.

2. Brighten Your Rooms

Shadows have no place in high-end home design. If possible, take advantage of natural sunshine that can be streamed through windows and skylights; if you’re unable or unwilling to do that, install artificial lights in the form of grand chandeliers, understated light bars and chunky-chic lamps. The key is to keep everything bright, open and airy.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

Minimalism is popular on Instagram, but even if you aren’t ready to throw away all of your worldly possessions for a pristine living room photo, you can still embrace the spirit of the trend. Does anyone in your family actually use that ottoman? Can you clear away the scattered toys and strewn clothes that are distracting from your interior design? Can you clear counter space by putting things in drawers and cabinets?

7 Tips for An Instagram Worthy Home Living Room Image4. Evoke a Certain Mood

The best home designs always revolve around a theme. For example, a tropical guest room might have wicker furniture and blue-and-white walls to make visitors think of beaches, or a girly sitting room might use delicate pastels and upholstered furniture to give the impression of femininity. Regardless of your chosen aesthetic, don’t put anything into the room that doesn’t contribute to the specific atmosphere that you’re trying to build.

5. Increase Its Tactile Factor

There’s a reason why you see a picture of a fuzzy lamp shade and feel the urge to reach out and touch it. Humans are tactile creatures, and textural elements in your home will increase its attractiveness almost subconsciously. Think about things like sleek, slippery countertops and jagged bamboo blinds. Think about rusted signposts on your iron-wrought gate in the backyard.

6. Have a Centrepiece

Draw the eye to a particular focal point in the room. This is the idea behind Instagram photos that showcase a new couch or headboard, and you can use it for your general home design, too. Make all of your “lines” lead up to the thing that you value most in the room, and use other colours, patterns and accessories to highlight it. Symmetry is also useful if you want to achieve a bookend effect with something in the middle.

7. Use Boldness as a Tool

When everything in the room is loud, nothing in the room is loud. You’ll want to contrast the big, bold elements of your interior design against a softer and more neutral background. Put your tiger-striped rug in a plain beige room; don’t waste it in a room where there are already stripes, flowers and polka dots that will swallow it.

These are just a few tips for making your home as dazzling as Instagram’s most popular photos. Don’t feel limited by these suggestions, however! Let them serve as sparks for further flames of inspiration as you craft a home design that makes you proud.


Photo credits: Instagram camera, living room

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