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3 Spring Recipes You Need to Try

3 Spring Recipes You Need to Try

Put away your gloves. Throw open the curtains. Spring is here, and it’s time for your dinner table to reflect the bright, vibrant energy of the world outside. Here are three springtime recipes to try!

3 Spring Recipes You Need to Try Asparagus ImageBacon Asparagus Brie Bites

These bacon asparagus bites are a tasty, crunchy treat with just enough vegetables to qualify as a healthy snack. They’re sure to be a hit at your next neighbourhood potluck, and they won’t require slaving over a hot stove all day, either!

Start by sizzling up some bacon. When you’re done, fry up some asparagus in the same pan. You should drain the grease, but don’t wash the pan; you want the asparagus to retain a smokey, meaty flavour. When everything is cooked, take a knife to all of it by chop everything into small and uniform pieces.

Once that’s done, take a roll of crescent dough and shape it into bite-sized “bowls.” Pinch the edges together to make them stick. You can arrange them on a baking sheet if you feel like being artsy, or if you’re under a time crunch, you can just stick them in a muffin tin.

Fill the bowls with brie. Sprinkle your bacon and asparagus pieces on top. Drizzle a little lemon juice over everything, and include just a pinch of black pepper for an extra kick. Then bake the whole thing until the crescent dough is golden brown.

Ta-da! You’ve created a simple, gorgeous appetizer, and it didn’t even take you an hour!

Pork Tenderloin Medallions with Strawberry Sauce

Offering a fun, fresh twist on a traditional pork chop dinner, this dish will bring a much-needed touch of colour to your dinner table. It’s a great way to say goodbye to the dull whites and greys of winter.

The first step is preparing your pork chops. This particular recipe wants you to fry them, but you can also bake them or do whatever else that you normally do. Keep them warm in the oven when you’re done.

The next step is making your sauce. You’ll need to add strawberries, vinegar, beef broth, soy sauce and brown sugar to a skillet. Bring to a boil; then let it simmer. When it’s thickened, filter out the solids and keep the sauce.

Bring out your pork chops. On a serving plate, arrange them to your satisfaction before drizzling the sauce on top. Garnish the whole thing with fresh strawberries and crumbles of feta cheese.

The end result should be a beautiful, restaurant-quality dish that’s befitting both a main course and a springtime treat!

3 Spring Recipes You Need to Try Roulade ImageCoconut Almond Roulade

Dazzle your guests with this coconut almond roulade. Though it looks like something fresh out of a bakery ice box, it can be made right at home with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry!

The cake will be the most labour-intensive part. You’ll need to beat, whisk and sift your eggs, sugar, flour and milk. You’ll also need to wait around while the whole thing bakes. You might want to prepare your frosting during this time.

Once that’s done, however, the fun can begin. The first step is sprinkling powdered sugar all over your cooled cake. Then you get to cut it, flip it and roll it to create a multi-layered look. If you have kids, they’ll probably love to help with this.

Apply your frosting to the cake rolls. Add more sugar and coconut shavings on top. Freeze everything until it’s cool to the touch.

If your guests aren’t impressed with your mad pastry skills, they just don’t appreciate a good dessert!

These are a few simple recipes to ring in the new season. Whether you’re hosting a party or just looking to perk up your family’s dinner table, bring springtime into your life with these fun, tasty recipes!


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